Geomatics Land Surveying, PC


Geomatics Land Surveying provides the following and more for residential properties:

BOUNDARY SURVEY Prepared to define lines and corners of existing parcels, as well as other elements which may affect the property

FEMA FLOOD SURVEYS Preparation of Elevation certificates, and Applications for Letter of Map Amendment to have a structure or property removed from the Flood Hazard Area

MAPPING Location of delineated wetlands using GPS (Survey grade and mapping grade GPS surveys for primary control, photo control, wetlands mapping, etc) and conventional survey methods

PLANNING & ZONING Preparation of regulatory agency applications such as Town Planning Boards, Adirondack Park Agency, NYS Health Department, etc

Mapping the existing physical features


Geomatics Land Surveying is equipped to support any commercial surveying and mapping need including the following and more:

SITE DEVELOPMENT Boundary and topographic surveys, environmental mapping (wetlands flood plains, critical habitats)

PLANNING APPROVAL Assist in applications to regulatory agencies

CONSTRUCTION Provide staking surveys for foundations, roads, utilities, parking, drainage, and site work


Geomatics Land Surveying is equipped to support all governmental needs including the following and more:

DESIGN Survey and mapping support for design and engineering firms throughout project plan development

AS-BUILT SURVEYS Provide as-built surveys for project close-out and comprehensive asset management

CONSTRUCTION Provide survey staking for roads, power lines, bridges, airports, landfills, dams, hazardous waste sites, recreational trails, sport venues, educational and medical facilities, and utilities projects

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