The following is a brief summary of the types of survey services we provide:

BOUNDARY     Prepared to define lines and corners of existing parcels, as well as other elements which may affect the property

TOPOGRAPHIC     Mapping of existing physical features

SUBDIVISION     Creation of new boundary lines which may include design and work necessary to meet planning, zoning, and other regulatory agency requirements

FEMA FLOOD SURVEYS      Preparation of Elevation certificates, and Applications for Letter of Map Amendment to have a structure or property removed from the Flood Hazard Area

PLANNING & ZONING   Preparation of regulatory agency applications such as Town Planning Boards, Adirondack Park Agency, NYS Health Department, etc.

CONSTRUCTION    Surveys for design and construction of highways, airports,utilities, buildings, etc.

MAPPING Location of delineated wetlands using GPS and conventional survey methods

GPS    Survey grade and mapping grade GPS surveys for primary control, photo control, wetlands mapping, etc.

CONTROL     Horizontal and vertical control for a variety of projects, including photogrammetric mapping and local networks

HAZARDOUS WASTE     Control surveys, boring locations, topographic surveys, etc. for sites designated as hazardous by the DEC or EPA

ACQUISITION     Boundary survey prepared for public or quasi-public agencies as part of the acquisition process<

HYDROGRAPHIC     Mapping of water bodies, cross-sections, flow meter readings, etc.